The objective of this site is to present what I call “scybernethic(s)” in the synthetic form of a coherent and consistent semantic field. It comes from my original and experimental work located at the interface between cognitive sciences, cognitive computer technologies, technics of the mind and complex models design (ars).

It can be understood as a comprehensive and creative enactive rationality (Varela, Thompson) rooted in lived experience, body sense-making and participatory scientific knowledge (Di Paolo, De Jaehger). It put into circulation theory, practice, cultural, experiential and even existential dimensions. Scybernethic(s) is also an aesthetic of self (Foucault, Alva Noë).

It is a second-order practice and reflection converging towards an epistemology of the observer-actor (see “Observing systems”, Von Foerster). That is to say towards an hermeneutical and heuristical second-order rationality (rationality²). It articulate dialectically valid and disciplined first person point of view with third person cognitive scientific perspective in interaction with cognitive digital technologies.

In a way, scybernethics is a sort of reverse engineering and ethical self mind-hacking tool using science and technology of cognition to try to better understand the world and oneself (the original etymological meaning of “intelligence” is “understanding”). It is at the same time a very concrete and prospective gesture, a self-somaesthetics (Shusterman) engaged, now, in an active participatory meaning-making toward a futur “Knowing and Enlivening Society“.

In a nutshell: Scybernethic(s) is a heuristical cognitive modelling style circulating hermeneutically between third-person-only (traditional) techno-scientific culture and disciplined-first-person perspective, polarized by understanding & meaning-making.

It is addressing the ambiguity between existing institutional normative techno-sciences of cognition and human bottom-up, creative and embodied historical experience (“enaction”) of self-reflecting “cognitive techno-sciences”.

Access directly the long core article (“Scybernethic(s)”) including a structured summary and a TL;DR (human-generated 😉 ) or a ChatGPT3 generated (less accurate) TL;DR and summary. You can also take a look at the contextual / historical part and futur projects of this presentation, or my short bio.

Good reading! May it inspire you toward a more human-friendly future².

Browse my blog for more up-to-date perspectives and moods about the current situation, like “Exploring the Future of Rationality at the Age of ChatGPT” or (even more importantly) understanding the 3 main Paradigms of Cognitive Sciences.

You can also checkout (the very beginning) of a ongoing practical application of Scybernethic(s). But the real “application” is may be my own individuation through my Twitter thread.

Feedbacks (on the substance or on the form) are welcome

[MidJourney output with “Enacting myself: existential enaction, creative cognition and technological hermeneutics toward a second-order rationality.”]